Individual Quick Freezing

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) is a method used in the food processing industry for freezing small pieces of food, which can range from sliced or diced vegetables, fruits, and berries to meat, poultry, seafood such as small fish or shrimp, and even cheese, grains, and pasta. The goal of this method is a short freezing time, well-separated product for the convenience of the consumer and a high-quality product with natural taste and shape. The OctoFrost IQF tunnel was developed to achieve just that. 

The OctoFrostTM IQF tunnel freezer - the  innovation of the Individual Quick Freezing

The OctoFrost™ IQF Freezer is the result of continuous technological development and listening to the real needs of food processors. Products frozen with the OctoFrostTM IQF tunnel freezer maintain their natural texture, appearance, and color while the processor benefits of reliable food safety, overall energy efficiency and high yield.

Additional features such as the wave plate, the pulsator, and the bed vibrator will further improve product separation, creating high-quality fresh-frozen products, with their natural color and shape preserved. Furthermore, the low dehydration  of the product and minimum snow formation during the freezing process will increase the profitability for the food processor

The OctoFrostTM IQF tunnel freezer uses an Individual Quick Freezing technology with numerous innovative features, which can guarantee processors the following benefits:

1. Natural appearance. The optimal air flow and the unique exchangeable bed plates (one word) of the OctoFrostTM freezer ensures the gentle handling and good separation of the products, in all stages of the freezing process, even with extremely gentle products. The end-result is a premium product with a natural appearance.

2. Reliable food safety. The OctoFrostTM IQF tunnel freezer is designed as an easy-accessible hermetic unit, with rounded corners and sloping surfaces. The bedplates (one word) are removable for easy cleaning, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between products. OctoFrost provides reliable food safety, in combination with an efficient Clean in Place (CIP) system.

3. Energy efficiency. Using the OctoFrost™ Individual Quick Freezing technology, the total energy savings are substantial, thanks to the presence of frequency convertors on each fan. This means that the food processor can adjust the speed of the fans based on the type of the product frozen. Furthermore, this setup requires less refrigeration in order to cool down the fans. The total energy savings can reach up to 20 - 30%.

4. High yield. The complex and optimal aerodynamics that can be achieved in the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel reduce the dehydration of the products and prevent snow formation in the freezer. A lower dehydration translates into a higher profitability for the food processor. Furthermore, the products will maintain their natural volume, shape, and color, allowing a premium price.