Наша цель


We are committed to improve quality of fresh frozen food.


Our mission is to offer our customers top freezing technologies, giving the highest value of ownership.


The company OctoFrost was founded based on a customer need with a technology that distinguishes us from existing solutions. The innovation continues with us through our continuous improvements on real customer problems. We act on the global market and are competing with organizations from all of the worlds which makes us drive to further improvements.

Below 3 main bullets have been the guiding light in how we work and strive to succeed.

Customer Focus

Our customers real needs shall guide us in how we act and in our development. The aim is to give our customers more than what they expect (soft values). We have a living contact with all our customers for direct feedback on our performance.


We shall revolutionize the iqf industry by a better understanding of aerodynamics and freezing results and use it as an advantage of the OctoFrost. 

New business concepts shall be developed, tested and evaluated.

Our product shall perform better through continuous improvements.

Through our focus and knowledge we strive for being the most respected player in the iqf industry.


Our internal processes shall be effective and measureable, free of unnecessary non value adding activities.

We are cost conscious in how we act.

Our  starting point in the design is standard solutions but with innovative solutions and functions when there is a clear customer value.

We learn from industry and adjust to the changing environment that our customers are facing.


Ознакомьтесь с туннелем OctoFrost с помощью этой 3D модели