The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller is a cooler tunnel that is used to chill food products such as fruits, vegetables, seafood or even grains. After blanching or cooking, the product is immediately fed into the IF Chiller where ice-cold water gently falls over the product through the rain shower system. 

This food processing equipment is designed to reach a product core temperature of 5°C or less. The high volume of filtered and recirculated ice-water is distributed evenly across the whole width and length of the chilling tunnel which deluges the product then immediately exits the chiller to be re-cooled by the PHE.


Every product is surrounded by a static layer of air that insulates it and slows down heat transfer. The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller uses a rain shower system to break this static layer through impingement technology. This results in the fastest heat transfer through conductivity – the essence of OctoFrost™ Impingement technology.


As opposed to other cooling tunnels on the market, the OctoFrost™ IF Chiller features a cross-flow water system which means that the water which is flowing through the cooler tunnel has the exact same temperature in all zones. The user has absolute control over the chilling temperatures as well as time.


The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller comes with a number of benefits for the processors: 

High Product Quality and Yield

A well-chilled product has a core temperature of 5°C or less and has retained its moisture and flavor. The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller is designed to achieve just that.  

Energy Efficiency

As heat transfer is faster with water than with forced air or traditional counter-flow water chillers, the OctoFrost™ rain shower system achieves the fastest heat transfer. In addition, the energy consumption for water re-chilling is minimal while the water consumption is only caused by water pick-up on the product due to the water recirculation system.

Food Safety  

The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller has been designed to exceed all international regulations on food safety and hygiene. All piping, Aisi 316 stainless steel, is backing-gas welded. This method ensures the highest hygienic standard possible.


OctoFrost offers a capacity range of 1,000 to 15,000 kg/h for the OctoFrost IF Chiller.


- quickly stop the cooking or blanching process to prevent excessive moisture loss (yield loss); 

- chill the product to the lowest possible temperature for an energy efficient IQF freezing (it is cheaper to drop the infeed temp in the chiller than in the freezer);

- get quicker crust freezing to limit dehydration for a product of premium quality;


  • The temperature of the IF Chiller water is between 1° and 2°C in every position in the cooler tunnel;
  • Cross-flow water circulation;
  • Quicker chilling process which improves yield and product quality;
  • System temperature in the IF Chiller is below 6°C for reliable food safety;
  • The fastest heat transfer due to the high volume of 1°C ice-cold water and the impingement flash (IF) technology, compared to any other system available;
  • High volume of recirculated water over the product;
  • CIP system in place.